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  • TransWest Investiagtions Backgrounds
  • TransWest Investiagtions Backgrounds
  • TransWest Investiagtions Backgrounds

Background Screening

For over 30 years, TransWest Investigations has remained the leader of investigative agencies providing access to confidential data for over 6,500 clients worldwide. Our hallmark is our comprehensive background profile.
This profile provides the requester the following data:
bullet Subject identification, including verification of age and social security numbers as well as aliases used by the subject or known to others.
bullet Verification of current residence address and historical data of residence history for the last seven years.
bullet Identification of all municipal, state and federal civil actions naming the subject as plaintiff or defendant including the cause of such actions and the disposition.
bullet A full criminal background screening including infractions, misdemeanors and felony convictions.
bullet Driving history including motor vehicle requirements, infractions, accidents and failure to pay / appear history.
bullet Nationwide screening through sex offenders registries and national warrant databases.
bullet Public indebtedness including but not limited to local, state and federal tax liens as well as small claims judgments and bankruptcy petitions.
bullet All of our services can be tailored for the individual needs of our clients.
ORDERING IS EASY! At a minimum, we require the subject’s name and last known address. Additional items that are helpful, but not necessary, include the following:
bullet Date of Birth bullet Credit Report
bullet Full Contact Information bullet Tax Identification Number
bullet Social Security Number bullet Application for Credit

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